Introduction to QCCH

Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital functions as a separate hospital from the Hammersmith, although they share a site and are part of the same NHS trust - in several respects they function as a distinct unit.

The consultants and trainees take part in separate rotas from those of the Hammersmith, (see below); the consultants have fixed commitments at the Hammersmith and Charing Cross Hospitals. The trainees, whilst spending the majority of their time covering obstetrics and gynaecology, may very occasionally be asked cover other lists on the Hammersmith site. For more details on Induction

There are eight consultant anaesthetists on staff. During the working week they provide dedicated cover for labour ward & theatres and are on call nights, weekends and holidays for obstetrics.

Out of hours gynaecology is covered by the consultant on-call for the Hammersmith unit.

Trainees at QCCH

There are 8 full-time Specialist Trainees, 6 of whom are ST5/6/7, with 2 additional clinical fellows.

Trainees currently work a full shift system that is both European Working Time Directive, and New Deal compliant.

Anaesthetic Support Staff

There is 24 hour cover for labour ward by a dedicated anaesthetic nurse/ ODA. (Bleep 9406) In addition a second ODA covers labour ward theatres during elective section lists (until 4pm 5 days per week).