Non-Labour Ward duties

Gynae list

Patients are  usually admitted to Victor Bonney ward (either day unit or ward)

Access from QCCH: turn right out of LW anaesthetic office to back door, down one flight of stairs, VB ward is to the right, on way to main theatre

Some patients (e.g. large primary debulking cases or patients who require travel arrangements) are admitted the evening before on VB ward

Theatre team brief must occur prior to start of list

IVF list

Start time 8am

Access from outside the main hospital building via a ramp (this is not open until 8am)

If listed to do IVF the morning, arrive prior to 8am to see patients and gain access to IVF unit via HH main corridor (door opp C block staircase, use buzzer)

Can range from 1 to 7 or more patients per morning or afternoon list

Almost all cases are egg retrieval, note some patients have had repeated procedure

See patients in the waiting area (also act as recovery area)

Gain iv access if possible to safe time

Technique: conscious sedation.  Consultants’ preferred choices/regime are listed on wall in theatre

High risk clinic (Dr Sodhi)

This is held on Thursday afternoons in de Swiet Obstetric Medicine Centre (2nd floor QCCH)

Starts at 2pm

Notes from the previous week to be picked up from Enda before the clinic and return to the antenatal clinic filing room

Notes and list for the day’s clinic need to be picked up from the filing room and taken to clinic

After the clinic, notes are to be dropped off back at Enda’s office