The Departmental Team

We are a full department of specialists beside the consultants, we have some World Renowned teams working with us so please take time to find them and access their knowledge and support

A pain team of nurse specialists led by Dr Gillian Chumley (nurse consultant)

A resuscitation department of its own - set by Ken Spearpoint (retired) and now leading the amazing team is Gilly Treanor.

Enda Richardson - The Office and Departmental Administrator - is the backbone of local knowledge and guidance.

Trainees will have a nominated Rota and Admin leader.

The Department Structure


  • Dr Philippa Borra - Department Lead
  • Dr Scott Kemp - EP Lead
  • Dr Marta Prestedge - Acute Pain and CALS and Echo
  • Dr Deborah Braham - CICU lead and CICU Junior recruitment
  • Dr John Cousins - IT and Vascular Access & obesity lead
  • Dr Morrison - Leave Diaries and Governance meetings, Cardiac fellows
  • Dr Prasad Annamali - College Tutor
  • Dr Ros Bacon - Regional Adviser Anaesthetics
  • Dr Geoff Lockwood - Research and Audit
  • Dr Fiona Nicholls - Trainee Lecture Coordinator
  • Dr Claire O'Connor - CICU Governance
  • Dr Smit Mukherjee - Trainee Education and CICU 
  • Dr Roseita Carroll - TOE Lead & CICU Governance 


  • Dr Ruth Bedson - Obstetric Lead
  • Dr Lorraine Hamlyn - Deputy Regional Adviser Anaesthetics
  • Dr Mark Esler - E-Rota and Deputy HH & QC Dept Lead
  • Dr Vinnie Sodhi - Clinical Governance for Anaesthesia
  • Dr Sue Kirby - Audit lead for QCCH, Fellows HPB OBS Renal
  • Dr Jeremy Campbell - Renal Transplantation and College Tutor
  • Dr Felicity Plaat - Anaesthesia Editorial Board
  • Dr Gary Stocks - Research and Audit QC