Cardiac Arrest after Cardiac Surgery is a special circumstance


We are providers to you and the staff of a CALS course attendance which will help you become a very calm super useful member or leader of the team to rapidly open the post sternotomy chest. An essential for successful outcomes. It can be done well in less than 3 minutes with the course and a little practice.

The course was created by Joel Dunning and locally we have thanks to Dr Marta Prestedge our mentor and educator. You will be expected to attend and where appropriate maintain these skills and awareness of the kit and CALS protocol.

This video commences with a 3 minute full emergency resternotomy following the csu-als protocol (demonstrated on a manikin at the Trent Cardiac Centre). It shows the EACTS protocol poster and the 6 key roles, the new sternotomy manikin and the 5 piece emergency set and we also show you a real emergency resternotomy on a stable patient and internal massage on a patient following CABG. We finally give you details about where to find more information.  ( )