Theatre Team On Call and ODP's

Always a little confusing as to what sort of a theatre team and anaesthetic support service lies behind you especially out of hours.

Anaesthetic Support

  • BLEEP 9255
  • There are 2 shifts / 24 hours 8AM-8PM-8AM called 'the long day'
  • There is a 2nd on call from home available
  • There maybe a new post created in the future

Recovery Team

  • Extension 34199
  • Mon to Fri 8AM-9PM
  • After 9pm = no one except on call from home
  • Weekends = no one on site

Scrub Team

Mon - Fri 5pm - 9pm

  • 1 surgical team
  • 1 cardiac nurse on call
  • 1 general nurse on call

Mon - Fri 9pm – 8am

  • 1 scrub and 1 HAC on site

Weekends 8am - 9pm

  • 1 surgical team

ALL nights

  • 1 scrub and 1 HAC on site

Other Stuff


  • Transfer bag in main store room
  • External transfer book is also there

To open 2nd theatre

  • Call in 2nd scrub and 2nd ODP
  • This splits the theatre teams down to barest minimum – it is not two full teams.


  • Drug blue bag in fridge checked daily by long day odp and or gasman