Study Leave for Trainees

    You may need to use and book Study Leave during your time here at Hammersmith and QCCH. These notes and forms should help you plan and book.

    Study Leave should be booked six weeks in advance

  • 5 days in 3 months or 10 days in 6 months
  • On Line Booking does not secure you a study leave slot on the rota.
  • Complete a Study Leave Form for these course requests
  • ST3+ : funding and non-funding
  • CT1/2 : funding and non-funding
  • SR trainees : funding and non-funding 
  • On-site use the link to PGME on-line booking (Jan 17)
  • HEE accessing centralised Study leave - a guide for trainees July 2018 see below
  • Before submitting you form, it must be signed by your Educational Supervisor or College Tutor.

    Attach supporting Documents attached to ALL applications


Study/Professional Leave Guidance for Medical Staff

Printed from Medical Education July18

New Study Leave Process From April 2018

Study leave funding is now centralised by Health Education England but will continue to be administered through the medical education teams on your site.

Further information and Approved courses list available through
PGMDE Support Portal

Application Process

Complete a Dept study leave form this can be downloaded from this page

Once you have discussed with your educational supervisor and your form has been signed by them Submit you form for dept approval

When approved by the dept

Apply on line – Accessing Intrepid
the system will confirm you are eligible and send the application for approval to the relevant leave approvers recorded against the post.

Log in details containing your default PIN and password are emailed to you when you commence your post in the Trust.

  • Your email (either Trust or private) is your user name.
  • Please avoid copying and pasting your password into Intrepid and type it instead.
  • You can then reset your password and/or PIN,
  • please remember to try both your Trust and personal email
  • if the email doesn't come through including the Junk/Spam folders.Leave can be approved or declined quickly with all details recorded in the system, allowing the trainee to view the progress of their request.Additional functionality allows the recording and authorising of expenses and streamlined processes for claiming expenses.

Three levels of application:

  • Curriculum Mandated –approval from ES
  • Curriculum Optional, must have met mandatory requirements – approval from ES/TPD
  • Aspirational – approval from TPD

Lieu Days