COVID-19 Intubation Drill and Checklists

Anaesthetists and other perioperative care providers are particularly at risk when providing respiratory care and tracheal intubation of patients with COVID-19. This includes emergency intubation of patients with COVID-19 induced respiratory compromise.

Attached are checklists for the preparation and procedure of intubation of a suspected COVID-19 patient. 

Our intubation teams comprise 2 anaesthetists, an OPD and a fourth (Clean) runner. If called to an emergency intubation, the anaesthetists will grab:

  • Emergency drugs
  • PPE grab bag
  • Airway grab bag
  • Video laryngoscope
  • Gum elastic bougie
  • FONA kit 

These are found on the trolley outside the COVID cupboard in the theatres corridor. 

Please ensure you know where to find these before you start the shift.


The kit you will need...see below, firstly it is found here....then see Kush do a video walk through the process.. Please keep re-reviewing this for your own safety.


Catch up or refresh you memory on the intubation drill and steps with Kush and Tina running a mini-simulation