CICU arrives onto Cerner - piecemeal...

The CICU drugs careset for Cardiac Surgery patients is now live ON CERNER.

There are 2 caresets; one for intravenous infusions and one for other drugs.

If you search for the careset with ‘CICU’ it will come up (much as you would for the anaesthesia careset)

It is designed to be used for both admissions and on ward rounds and I think you will find it speeds things up significantly. It will also and hopefully mean there is more consistency with our protocols.

It can also be used on ward rounds particularly for the day 1 and 2 patients where there is a lot of new prescribing, dose changes (of diuretics/ antihypertensives) and stat doses of drugs.

Attached is some information about the careset – PLEASE READ IT – there are some key points which must be recognised for safety reasons.

The Cerner pharmacists are available during working hours if there are problems (contact details within the information) and I am hoping they will come next week to do some more training and help us get used to it.

It is not perfect but it should make a difference to the daily grind and I hope we can tinker with it in the future to make it better.

Best wishes

Dr Deborah Braham