Ateriosel - from Vygon

In the ever changing world of vascular access and as part of the Trust response to HSExecutive visit to Imperial we have been seeking safer arterial line cannula and techniques.

There are clearly a lot of reasons to have a variety of devices given the vagaries of arteries and the their host bodies. Two big steps.

Step One

Trial and select a device that reduces blood spillage during insertion

  • Arteriosel evolution Oct 2016 HH theatres

see below for two videos - the device will used in Th4 and evaluations completed by a small number of users initially. Dr Morrison, Kemp, Borra and Cousins before a wide evaluation. Michelle Salas has the small secure stock and forms.

Step Two

Trial and select if acceptable a safety device - this prevents sharps injuries to staff.

  • Switch closing arterial cannula and safety device - evaluation