Annual Leave for Trainees

Obviously Annual Leave is essential BUT it must be planned and booked to balance the diaries, service delivery - and your happiness. These notes and forms should help you plan and book.

Holidays must be booked six weeks in advance

Leave cannot be carried over between modules or hospitals within the Trust (or from elsewhere)

  • Check date availability in diary
  • Enter leave in pencil in the diary
  • Put completed leave form in tray
  • Submit a separate form for leave if in different months
  • Completed Annual Leave form will be approved & signed by the Consultant Leave Co-ordinator
  • If you will be on-call/on-cover, arrange to swap with one of your colleagues, who must then sign your form
  • Check e-rota in 10 days to see if leave has been approved.
  • If not approved check the board to ensure there is no issue with your application.